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2505, 2016

Cookies and Cream Bites

Join us Oh goodness me. I wish the photos showed how delicious these little Cookies and Cream bites are! These are not only very quick to whip up, they use a handful of ingredients and are sure to impress anyone with a sweet tooth. These are a very sweet little morsel so trust me when I say to cut the slice into 50 little bitesize pieces. Perhaps whip up a batch for your next afternoon tea with friends or for [...]

2305, 2016

White Chocolate and Raspberry Scones

Join us This recipe was created by the very talented Suzanna and shared in our Facebook group earlier this year. As soon as Suzanna posted it I just knew I had to feature it on the blog with her permission. These scones are so, so delicious and just perfect served warmed on a chilly afternoon with friends. I have tweaked the method ever so slightly to make these White Chocolate and Raspberry Scones achievable even for a beginner baker. This [...]

1305, 2016

Mini Meatballs with Roasted Capsicum Sauce

Join us These delicious Mini Meatballs with Roasted capsicum Sauce comes from our recent #freezertolunchbox challenge. This challenge happens every school holidays. We cook 5 recipes total over the course of 5 days to stock the freezer with delicious snacks and lunches for the weeks and months ahead. It is a great way to get organised, try some new recipes and fun! Goodness me these are delicious! My partner can be defined as a meatball hater but boy did he [...]

1105, 2016

Quick Chicken and Veggie Noodles

Join us This delicious Quick Chicken and Veggie Noodles recipe comes from my lunchbox mini cookbook Ready. Steady. Lunch! (available in e-book or print versions). It is a great recipe to whip up for a weeknight dinner or to have in the lunchbox taking only about 20-30 minutes to make and using a basic ingredients found in most kitchens.  Don’t forget to hang out with TRTLMT in all the cool places!    

905, 2016

Potato & Leek Soup with Garlic Croutons

Join us Today is is rainy and miserable and cold and blergh. It is perfect soup weather though and boy do I love soup. Given the weather I thought I would share with you my Potato and Leek Soup with Garlic Croutons. This soup is so thick and luscious! It makes the perfect comfort food on a cold and miserable day. Making your own yummy garlic croutons is nice and easy… you will wonder why you haven’t done it before! [...]

605, 2016

Honey Almond Slice

Join us I will start this post by saying I can’t claim the credit for this delicious recipe. I was recently holidaying at my in laws house and my mother in law shared this scrumptious slice with me. I had wondered for years about how they made this slice every time I had walked past a bakery or the like. As you can imagine my “figure out to to make it” list is pretty long so I had never gotten [...]

405, 2016

White Chocolate Macadamia Caramel Slice

Join us This White Chocolate Macadamia Caramel Slice is an adaption of my Lazy Caramel Slice. I have adapted it ever so slightly to make a bigger slice with some really yummy fillings. You really cant go wrong with white chocolate, macadamias and condensed milk can you? This slice is a little crumbly and soft when warm but you must try a piece when its not long come out of the oven. It is sooooooo good! It almost melts in [...]

205, 2016

Jam and Coconut Slice

Join us This delicious recipe comes from the brand new issues of The 4 Blades Magazine - The Sweets Issue.  Tell me more about this issue Give in to your sweet tooth with The Sweets Issue, full of delicious sweets for every occasion.  Want to know more about The Sweets Issue? We will keep your cookie jar full, with an assortment of biscuits the whole family will love. From simple Oatmeal Cookies to decadent Double Chocolate Biscotti, we have got [...]

2904, 2016

Honey Nut Biscuits

Join us These biscuits came from a cookie recipe book I was given many years ago. I loved the look of the biscuits but with over 300g of butter and 250g of sugar (and so crunchy they could break teeth) they needed some serious tweaking. So I started tweaking. I then tweaked again and then tweaked some more until I got these deliciously light, almost fluffy Honey Nut Biscuits. They have a faint hint of honey and delicious nutty crunch. [...]