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1406, 2016

Slow Cooked Chilli Con Carne

  Join us Yesterday morning I launched my newest cookbook - Mixing It Slow. Combining your thermo mixer and slow cooker to create delicious family meals has never been easier. Mixing It Slow contains 50 delicious recipes from pies to pastas, to stews and casseroles and even desserts. Much to my surprise Mixing It Slow sold out within 4 hours. Today I opened up the second print run preorder (and I have less than 80 copies left! I might need [...]

1006, 2016

Berrylicious Bliss Balls

Join us These are delicious! These berrylicious bliss balls come from my Ready. Steady. Lunch! Mini Cookbook (This book is jam packed full of lunchbox friendly goodies!). These have been so popular that I thought I would share them on the blog for everyone. They are lunchbox friendly, take no time at all and a hit with the kiddies. Better yet, they can be frozen so you can make a large batch over the weekend and freeze for weeks to [...]

806, 2016

Wholemeal Banana Bread

Join us I am often asked for a banana bread recipe made of wholemeal flour. Up until recently I didn't have one but after some experimenting I think I finally have one that passes all teh tests - not too dry, lots of banana flavour and not overly sweet. Tick, tick, tick! Don’t forget to hang out with TRTLMT in all the cool places!    

606, 2016

Apple Cinnamon Pikelets

Join us We loooooooooove pikelets in our houses so when I realised the freezer was empty and there were no more lunchbox snacks left I thought I would get cooking. Our fruit bowl was overflowing with apples so I thought why not whip up a batch of apple cinnamon pikelets. Anything with apple and/or cinnamon is always a winner in our house. These make for a great breakfast as well served with a little honey but they make for an [...]

306, 2016

Mini Chocolate Balls

Join us This delicious recipe for Mini Chocolate Balls was originally featured in my 2016 Calendar. They have been so popular I thought I would add them to the blog for everyone to enjoy. These only use a handful of ingredients and take no time at all to whip up. Don’t forget to hang out with TRTLMT in all the cool places!  

106, 2016

Stroganoff Meatballs

Join us This delicious recipe comes from the brand new issues of The 4 Blades Magazine - The Steaming Issue Vol II.  Stroganoff is such a popular dish in many homes I thought why not try it with meatballs! This quickly became a favourite in our house and featured regularly over the last year. This is a delicious meal perfect for the colder months ahead. Team up with some delicious hot pasta or mashed potato and steamed vegetables. However you [...]

3005, 2016

Glazed Donuts

Join us Last week I posted my Banana Cinnamon Donuts. Since then I have had people asking if I had a glazed donuts recipe. I sure do! It uses my Cinnamon Donut recipe as a base. These are really fun to whip up for a party and I find due to the glaze coating  they last a little longer than the traditional cinnamon donuts so they are great to whip up the night before (we all love a good make [...]

2705, 2016

Banana Cinnamon Donuts

Join us These Banana Cinnamon Donuts are so moreish you will find it hard to stop at just one. I often skip the cinnamon sugar and pack these in the lunchbox. Such a yummy treat for the kiddies. These are also great to serve at parties or to whip up for the next cake stall because they are so so easy yet impressive. The donuts are made with the help of an electric donut maker. These are readily available at [...]

2505, 2016

Cookies and Cream Bites

Join us Oh goodness me. I wish the photos showed how delicious these little Cookies and Cream bites are! These are not only very quick to whip up, they use a handful of ingredients and are sure to impress anyone with a sweet tooth. These are a very sweet little morsel so trust me when I say to cut the slice into 50 little bitesize pieces. Perhaps whip up a batch for your next afternoon tea with friends or for [...]